Saturday, December 4, 2010

Silent Tears

Last Night Before I went to Bed
Thoughts of Mother filled my head
Though I have not cried this may in many years
Onto my pillow fell six silent tears

The first was for her tender hearted love that I miss
And her caring for shown me in years
The Second was for her bosom milk and closeness
that I enjoyed In laugher and tears

The third came as no surprise
As I thought of her tears for my pain
The fourth came rolling,
For the warmth love they cuddle up side by side
Telling the bed time stories and talking of that day
And enjoy the peaceful of a full moon

The fifth came for one reason alone
I felt a son’s love for a mother that wasn’t fully shown
I really love and miss you mother
And there just fell the sixth silent tear

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Desert Wind

The Desert wind, wounding to the bone,,
Gently lifts the solitary of the desert
Sends its spiraling downwards to the road,
it joints all the other fallen sand
Lying there withering, dying, was one in air,
but now dull, brown as death claims slowly,
The blowing wind lifts his hair,
Sending a sigh from his neck to toes….

He sits on rock and look into the bleak horizon,
In its lackluster colors of sadness...
He bow his head, cupping his face with palms
Dried fingers biting into his cheeks
his thoughts, his mind turmoil,
his heart completely broken, shattered beyond repair,

He feel the warm tears on his fingers,
For its soothing, its comforting to finally cry..
His sobbing goes unheard,
all along in his own private hell,
Trying to feel himself free...
He is paying for the things he never done,
So when are going to stop breaking his heart..

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Was he an outsider
Nobody knows him –
Each day that comes
He is alone
Never knowing that
Tomorrow will bring standing here

The love he may fairly be
excise from everybody -
seems was he a burden or a pest ?
He who loves called him
an outsider

He just dying thinking of the Sunset
And take his mind
And its pain
And embrace in its hand

What shall he do ??
What shall he say ??
Left him with no helping hand
To take the days go away

Although were over gone our ways
He can’t help him but feel like this
And wach day that comes
He feel is alone
Stranded in an alienated world of injustice

Eyes explored for love -
His tears wet the heart of earth
The earth asked him - Why ?
The wind asked him - Why ?
The sun asked him - Why ?
He murmured –  an outsider - an outsider

He love everything that love likes -
He hate every thing that love hates -
But still he was an outsider –
An Unknown- Unknown- Unknown Outsider

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Bidding Day

Shaking day, brainy day
Grinding day, punching day
Rowing day, dismal day
Thirsty day, and hungry day,

Passage day, costing day
Lining day, Pricing day
Shouting day, counting day
Eager day, hammering day

Probing, tracing,
Calling, shouting,
Brew then as panic
Loom then as pant

We then as lambs
You then as lion
We then as asses
You then as fox

And all at last fried
And Dumping, throwing,
And are we saying submitting
With a dump look,
Standing in burial box,
a sigh of relief break of silence

Nor we slay any head
Nor we did any sin
Though do we also
Get a day of grimace

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Silence - In memory of A. Ayyappan

And at the end now
All he has to offer
is solitude and silence.
No accomplishments to speak of,
having never finished anything

Worth finishing
except bad relationships
and good friendships
he now regret not keeping.

Those he feel closest to
are the farthest away from him
while he keep himself distant
from those who are near.

that a deep sleep in forefront
Without any disturbances
Let him sleep well and forget everything
Not yet time for good bye forever
But it is the time for him to say
bye bye then now…….

He slept in the alembic case
And eyes widely open
To see the elegant world
Again and again – but
At the end now
Is solitude silence
Without any disturbance
Let me lay down
And say friends good bye

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


After a long time I was on my village
Years of silence burst out at once
The same place where I grow in sun and shower
where the first rain drops touched my feet
where the grass field I played
and after along time I was on my village

I stepped out from shell of memories
In few seconds I was all wet
Rain drops kissed my face
Starts melting heart & mind
And the unfaithful tears they fall
Like rivers streaming hot through the muggy mist
And I cried alone in that rain

Confusion feeds like a savage inside,
Leaving nothing considered worthy remains
Destined to walk through life less ordinary
Alone, exiled, different and disdain
My heart moves from fire to cold
look like a helpless chick in the rain
And I cried alone in that rain

As it started raining more heavily
The sound of thunder grooved
I could feel loneliness, wandering here and there
Looking for all that my pain can recognize
I couldn’t, my tears were all lost in the rain
I could feel burning on my cheeks,
When the cold rain drops feel on it,
Who knows what I look for
Still not see the kids who needs me, my babies
Now they lies in their tombs
Where on their tombs , the devils playing
And singing no worries of tomorrow
And there I cried alone in that rain

Are they far away from me but I can’t forget
Oh, I can’t go back and live in the past
Just as I enjoy the peacefulness of a full moon
With warmth and love, but where I lost my life
In the dances of sword and guns
Or in the horrors we saw, and
Or in the nightmare of flames and destruction
Too may tears turn into blood
When my aching soul is about to flee
The sadness and loneliness it is a witness too
And there I cried alone in that rain